Friday, November 5, 2010

It is done...

Hello whoever you are and welcome to my blog,

first of all I need to warn you, this blog is sort of an experiment for me through which I would love to achieve three distinct goals.
  1. I have never blogged or kept a journal before but always wanted to do know one of those things we always say we would do but never really get around to.  Hence I am learning as I go along. In other words please bear with me as I might make many mistakes along the way =).
  2. I am using this outlet as a record for myself to look back on in the future. It is a sort of count-down to the big day and then a journal on how things will develop from then on until the 6 months mark, when things are supposed to be as good as they get. Having this 'journal' in the public domain seems a good way to force me to stick with it. And finally
  3. I hope to partially fill an information gap, that I have perceived while I was researching liposuction on the net. I noticed that there were only very few first hand accounts (see e.g. Most sites try to 'flog' something and I found this rather unnerving as I continuously found myself asking if what I was reading was objective enough for me to make life changing decision such as the one I was contemplating. Hence my promise to you is that I will NOT sell you anything here, apart from my views on all things liposuction and whatever else comes to my mind...and you always have the choice to take it on or not.

Who I am

After this little introductory spill, let me really make a start and introduce myself....well kind of introduce myself, as I am not quite ready to tell you my name quite as yet. Maybe later at some stage..if I plug up the courage.

In the meantime lets call me 'Dotty'...I know, I know this might seem like an odd choice for a name as a quick look into the dictionary reveals that it might be used in the context of : 
a. Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
b. Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
c. Ridiculous or absurd
Really options a and c are not that flattering, but  I hope you will come to think of my pseudonym more in terms of option b: amusingly eccentric and unconventional. The reason why I chose this name, is that it was the nickname my wonderful late grandmother Margarethe used to call me by, due to the shape of my nose =). She used to say that it reminded her of a little dot...well she passed away before I was fully grown, as maybe then her nickname for me would have changed to 'hook' as this is what my sweet little dot turned out to be once it was fully grown.
But as my mum always says 'a big nose does not disfigure a beautiful face: just think of Cleopatra. She had even Caesar wrapped around her finger or should I say nose'. But enough about my nose, this is not a blog about Rhinoplasty and sorry but I will never write such a blog ;-). 
Back to the story (sorry I will diverge a lot, it is my nature to take detours).
I am a 36 year old (born October 1974) Caucasian woman. Married ( and more often than not rather happily) for a decade (yep had my 10th wedding anniversary this year 2010) to a lovely man. We have gorgeous 5 year old boy who is the apple of his mummy's eye and his nose still looks like a we go again the nose thing...back to the story. I am a scientist and yes I do hold a post-graduate degree but it is not an MBA. I do a lot of writing for a living, which might be the main reason why I never really took up writing in my spare time, well a thing I am addressing now obviously. I live the Southern Hemisphere, where Santa Clause wears board shorts but unlike the myth the water in the toilet bowl does not twirl counterclockwise (if you are interested in why not check out this amusing explanation: ).
When (not why, you will get plenty of that later) I started thinking of Liposuction
I have been thinking of having liposuction for  three years now and have in the good old fashion of a researcher done my homework rather meticulously. I promise you I will share as many insights as I can with you along the way.
I can pinpoint the exact date at which I had the first budding thoughts towards surgical removal of fatty deposits. It was the day I caught a glimpse of my 'rubenesque' derriere in the full-length bathroom mirror while washing my hands in front of the above the sink mirror at my workplace. Not having such a double mirror constellation in my own home, I had never actually seen the proportions of my back side in such a vivid way.
Here I was faced with the ugly truth of how a once rather sightly butt had grown into a rather unsightly blob. I need to stress one thing though, although I do adore my tucker (slang for food =)), I also love working out at least one hour 5-6 times a week, everything from running to swimming to weights. In my younger years this lifestyle has always kept my body in check. But after the birth of my little darling angel, something strange happened.  I developed hypothalamic amenorrhea. In other words I went into hormonal hibernation, yep you read right, not early menopause but infertility with no real cause and that at the age of 30.
I still have this condition and I will get back to telling you about this later. But what this means is that my body underwent all the changes of a menopausal woman, which also meant changes in metabolism and body shape . Unnecessary to stress, that this made me rather unhappy and here the story really begins...but as it is almost 11 pm at night  and hubby is calling out for me to come to sleep I will come back to you tomorrow night with the account on how I got to take the decision to undergo liposuction. 
Have a good night or day wherever you are and smile, its the best way to show life your teeth!
Yours Dotti =)

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